Brtníky is a village located in beautiful, clean nature between the Czech-Saxon Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains national parks, within easy reach of hiking and cycling trails. You can enjoy hiking in the countryside covered with beautiful forests, valleys and gorges with sandstone cliffs, or bike trips. Find a pleasant walk to the Calvary in Brtníky, to the ruins of the castle Brtnický Hrádek or Šternberk. Romantic lookout places are found on hills Vlčí hora, Ptačí vrch, Plešný, Hrazený, or trails around Vlčí or Kyjov, as well as Brtníky stream´ or Bílý stream´ valley.

Labské pískovce /in German „Elbsandstein“/ is a protected landscape area, sometimes referred to as the „Czech Arizona“ – if the stones weren´t covered with forrests, it would be possible to see the scape.-) It is a part of the entire Czech-Saxon Switzerland area. Brtníky lays virtually on its border.

The nearby Krásná Lípa is not only a beautiful little town, but you can also find great places for coffee or food: Cafe Atelier, Cafe Nostalgie, Cafe Frinda. The brewery Pivovar Falkenštejn, or restaurant Lípa serve decent food. The Sports center of Bohemian Switzerland offers tennis courts, minigolf, climbing wall, beach volleyball and attractions for children, such as children’s castle, climbing frames, slides, sandpit, trampolines. For relaxation you can enjoy spa, aromatherapy massage or beauty salon in Resort Lípa.

Rumburk city, just 8 kilometers away, with its population of about 10 thousand, is the largest city in the area. It offers a variety of sport venues: Sportlife resort with bowling, tennis, squash, beachvolleyball, etc., including a restaurant or Aquasport center with modern swimming pool with sauna. A perfect relaxation can be found in the Lužan wellness center in the city center, with a good choice of massages, private wellness and sauna and Pizzeria&steak house. Rumburk´s monastery and Loreto baroque monument are also both worth a visit.

For golf & food, visit Malevil resort, approx. 35 km away, in the heart of Lousatian Mountains.

If you prefer bathing, you will find a variety o places to visit: the natural water dam at Kyjov (7 km), at nature pool in Mikulášovice (5 km) or Karlín. Throughout the year, you can visit aquaparks in German Neustadt (26 km), Kirschau (15 km), or the thermal spa in Bad Schandau (30 km). Summer aquaparks with water attractions are located in Taubenheim (15 km) and Seifhennersdorf (15 km).

The unique Czech organic cosmetic brand Nobilis Tilia has its gardens, production and brand store approx. 3 km from Brtníky. We recommend to visit and enjoy its luscious products … organic etheric oils made of pure herbs. You will love the lemon grass, eucalyptus or levander ones!

There is a small grocery store with a limited choice about 300 m from the house, on main street. Large markets /Lidl, Tesco/ can be found in Šluknov, Rumburk, Varnsdorf or just across the German border.

Interesting photos of how Brtníky (Zeidler) had changed in the last century are here.

Tips for trips: Hiking Around Brtníky:

Brtníky – Kopec – Orlí věž – Diettrichův Kámen – Šternberk – Brtníky (map here)

Brtníky – Šternberk – Diettriechův Kámen – Kamenný vrch – Vlčí hora – Brtníky (map here)

Brtníky – Křížový vrch – Vlčí hora /Rozhledna Lookout – Vlčí potok – Brtníky (map here)

Well-known places:

Pravčická brána, Kamenice Canyon: start in Mezná /Louka, toward Hřensko and take the „red route“ to Pravčická brána. Then you will return via the famous Homole or Pravčický kužel, back to Mezní Louka.

Jetřichovice, Ferdinand´s Canyon: start in Jetřichovice – Starý mlýn – Královský smrk – Ferdinand´s Canyon – Všemily – Jetřichovice (map here)

Edmund´s and Wild Canyons: if taking a boat ride, you will enjoy breathtaking views from bottom of rocky canyons, that are 50 – 150 meters deep. You can start either in village Hřensko and take a ride to Mezná, or in opposite direction, starting in Mezná. Both places have a parking lot. The ride takes 15 – 20 minutes, with last rides at 5,30 p.m. and costs appox. 60 – 80 crowns.

You can enter the canyons from different points and combine the hike with boat trip:

  1. from Hřensko: Walk against the river Kamenice and get to Tichá soutěska (canyon) after 2 km
  2. from Mezní louka: take blue tourist line direction to Strž, continue through a steep path with yellow marks to Divoká
  3. from Mezné: green tourist line with steep downhill road to Mezní můstek. From there, take the yellow line direction to Edmund´s canyon.
  4. from Růžová – Hájenka: take green tourist line toward Mezní můstek. From there, take yellow line to Edmund´s canyon.

Hřensko´circle: this is a quite demanding whole day trip, but will reward you with amazing views of Labské pískovce (includes Pravčická brána, Edmund´s canyon). It offers the best of the Czech-Saxon Switzerland. You will be passing by approx. 40 information displays, focusing on flora and fauna of this beautiful area. Start in Hřensko – Tři prameny – turn to Pravčická Brána – Mezní Louka – Mezná – Canyons – port in Edmund´s canyon – Hřensko, totally 19 km. (some pictures and text in Czech only can be found here)


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